RCEM Curriculum 21 will be launched in August 2021. The new RCEM curriculum has been designed to provide an EM consultant workforce for the future. It is designed to take an EM novice, with foundation competencies at the start of ACCS, to someone who can provide leadership to the whole ED with all the complexity and challenge that involves at the completion of ST6.

Those already in EM training will, in the main, need to move to the new curriculum at its inception in August 2021. The College have strived to ensure that this is as straightforward as possible for trainees and trainers. As far as possible the college will transfer data and minimise the need to populate content as part of transition. Those working on curriculum implementation will continue to work with the Training Standards Committee and other key stakeholders to provide clarity for all trainees, those following CESR programmes, trainers, and those with formal educational roles.

The examination schedule, as part of the new Programme of Assessment , is also to change with the implementation of the new curriculum.

To inform trainees, those following CESR programmes, and trainers, the below guidance regarding transition are provided.  Please review the relevant content. If you have particular queries please contact

FAQs will also be provided on this current site to help support planning for transition. The RCEM CESR group will also provide further clarification to those planning CESR application.

This current academic year is a time of huge demand, challenge and uncertainty. Curricula change can be difficult at the best of times. Transition has been designed to minimise the frustration that can accompany change.  There is no need to replicate content for those transitioning to the new curriculum, and no redundancy of content collated for the 2015 curriculum. There is new content, but it represents learning, feedback and support in the areas that directly relate to the performance of the role of consultant. This is in no way punitive, but is in effect good training captured in a simplified and streamlined e-portfolio designed to support the delivery of the new curriculum.

The new RCEM curriculum is something that the team are very proud of and excited to introduce. The impact of change is not underappreciated however, particularly at this time of challenge. Please review the material and watch out for more material over the next few months that will orientate trainees, those following CESR programmes, and trainers to the new curriculum to come.


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