Intended use of curriculum by trainers and trainees

This curriculum and ARCP decision aid are available from RCEM via the website. (Appendix 2)

Clinical and educational supervisors should use the curriculum and decision aid as the basis of their discussion with trainees, particularly during the appraisal process. Both trainers and trainees are expected to have a good knowledge of the curriculum and should use it as a guide for their training programme. 

 Each trainee will engage with the curriculum by maintaining an e-Portfolio. The trainee will use the curriculum to develop learning objectives and reflect on learning experiences.

Recording progress in the e-Portfolio

On enrolling with RCEM trainees will be given access to the e-Portfolio. The e-Portfolio allows evidence to be built up to inform decisions on a trainee’s progress and provides tools to support trainees’ education and development. 

The trainee’s main responsibilities are to ensure the e-Portfolio is kept up to date, arrange assessments and ensure they are recorded, prepare drafts of appraisal forms, maintain their personal development plan, record their reflections on learning and record their progress through the curriculum. 

The supervisor’s main responsibilities are to use e-Portfolio evidence such as outcomes of assessments, reflections and personal development plans to inform appraisal meetings. They are also expected to update the trainee’s record of progress through the curriculum, write end-of-attachment appraisals and supervisor’s reports.

Deaneries, TPDs, college tutors and ARCP panels may use the e-Portfolio to monitor the progress of EM trainees for whom they are responsible.

RCEM will use summarised, anonymous e-Portfolio data to support its work in quality assurance.

All appraisal meetings, PDPs and WPBAs (including MSF) should be recorded in the e-Portfolio. Trainees are encouraged to reflect on their learning experiences and to record these in the e-Portfolio. Reflections can be kept private or shared with supervisors.

Reflections, assessments and other e-Portfolio content should be used to provide evidence towards acquisition of curriculum capabilities.

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