SLO 11 – Participate in and promote activity to improve the quality and safety of patient care

The EM clinician will be able to provide clinical leadership to quality improvement in the ED. They will also work effectively to optimise patient safety in the ED and help support a culture of safety within the ED and the wider health economy.

Domain 4: Capabilities in health promotion and illness prevention
Domain 5: Capabilities in leadership and team-working
Domain 6: Capabilities in patient safety and quality improvement

At completion of ACCS a trainee:

  • Will be able to contribute effectively to a departmental quality improvement project

At the completion of training an EM specialist:

  • Will be able to provide clinical leadership on effective Quality Improvement work
  • Will be able to  support and develop a culture of departmental safety and good clinical governance

Patient Safety

  • Make patient safety a priority in clinical practice
  • Raise and escalate concerns where there is an issue with patient safety or quality of care
  • Demonstrate commitment to learning from patient safety investigations, mortality and morbidity reviews and complaints
  • Share good practice appropriately and encourage a culture that learns from excellence
  • Recognise and work within limits of personal competence
  • Able to support and develop a culture of departmental safety and good clinical governance

Quality Improvement

  • Understands and can compare and contrast improvement tools and methodology.
  • Understands and can compare and contrast the principles of measurement for improvement, judgement, and research.
  • Can describe types of measures and methods of assessing variation.
  • Understands principles of change management.
  • Proactively identifies opportunities for Quality Improvement and can lead multidisciplinary Quality Improvement project teams.
  • Can supervise a Quality Improvement project involving junior trainees and other members of the multidisciplinary team using improvement methodology.
  • Leads and facilitates team-based reflective evaluation of a project.
  • Organise and prioritise a departmental quality improvement project.
  • Demonstrates advocacy for clinical quality improvement.
  • Encourages and supports trainees and other clinicians who want to start clinical quality improvement.
  • Engages staff outside the emergency department in quality improvement

RCEM QI guidance material
AOMRC QI syllabus
AOMRC patient safety syllabus

Being developed by ACCS intercollegiate curriculum group

Feedback on trainee contribution to a QI project.

Feedback on progress towards completion of QIP submission

Educational review

Summative assessment each year is a judgement by the Educational Supervisor, with overview from the ARCP panel. There is requirement for progression year on year towards the elements described. It is possible to progress through these more rapidly if trainees have a particular interest or opportunities in this SLO.

End of core training:

This content is being developed by the ACCS intercollegiate curriculum group

End of intermediate training

End of HST

A submission for RCEM QIP assessment can be made at any point in HST.

RCEM examinations

FCEM QIP project

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